Cognitive Skill Development

Cognitive Development relates to the intellectual development of the child.  Till the age of 5, a child’s brain develops more rapidly than at any other time in life and hence it is essential to provide proper stimulation at this age.  It encompasses processes such as knowing, reasoning, memorising, imagining, language acquisition and thinking. The speed with which a child learns new words, names and places, his ability to notice differences and similarities, the ability to communicate in the language, numerical concepts, the child’s curiosity to know and understand his world – all these indicate the child’s progress in Cognitive Development.  

Use of senses is basic to the process of knowing & understanding; the child learns through the five senses. Thus, the more varied the sensory experiences, the stronger will be the child’s base about the world.  Sunshine World focusses on providing a variety of experiences for cognitive development.   


Language Skill Development


Language development starts early – listening, speaking, pre reading & pre writing skills. Sensory stimulation is once again the most important contributing factor in this aspect of development at an early age.  The activities and objects around the child and personalised schooling enables effective language development.  Sunshine World engages the students in delightful fun activities specially designed to facilitate development of vocabulary and communicative expression. 

Motor Skill development

Motor development focusses on control over bodily movements through the coordinated activity of the nerve centers, the nerves and the muscles. Development of gross and finer motor skills is essential to enable the child to participate in the all activities and social interaction processes.  The school provides a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities to every child.

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